Zero worries: First Aid is here for a hanging phone

Gadgets are prone to hang and that’s because there are some slight faults that users are not cognizance of. Here is the emergency treatment given to a hanging device:

1.Reduce Concurrent Apps and uninstall unused app to Stop Phone Hang:

Each mobile phone has a limited amount of resources like memory (RAM) and processing power. If the device is overburdening the phone beyond the capacity of these resources, the phone may hang. So, try and minimize the number of concurrently running apps. A lot of apps run in the background of your phone. Learn to free the clogged memory and check for Apps that you don’t frequently make use of and uninstall immediately. If you don’t, they stay idle in your phone and waste the all-important memory space. Free the less used apps and keep your device running smooth.

  1. Delete Unnecessary Data (like photos, videos, songs):

The sizes of some data are really large and it takes up most of the space of phone of an average smartphone user. If you have stored images, videos and songs in the internal memory; you’re really choking up the internal memory space and that could very well become the cause of your phone hanging all the time. Go ahead, take a look at all the pictures, videos and songs and trash out the ones that you no longer need or are not useful again. Alternatively, first you can take backup of this data in your computer and then delete it from your phone or save it on your mail. Photos, videos and audio. And it is one of the common reasons why your phone hangs.

3.Update all Apps consistently:

Keep visiting the app stores like Google Play (if you have Android phone) and iTunes App Store (if you’ve an iPhone). Mobile app developers keep on improving performance of their apps. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you consistently update all the apps as and when a better version is available. Latest versions of apps may be designed to use lesser memory and CPU power.

4.Shut Down Your Mobile Phone: Shutting down your phone once in a while, is a good idea because it will completely refresh the memory of your phone. When you restart, your phone’s memory will be free from unnecessary pieces of data that were lingering on and occupying the memory space.

5.Turn off and remove battery: This first aid may not make sense to you in most cases. But it is actually a good idea to remove battery and SIM card twice in every two months. This will clean the dust from the electric touch points. Life is more advanced and technology is revolving at high speed so we have more phones with in-built batteries so you can as well switch it off for a while open the back of your phone and tap the battery.

  1. Install Apps in External Memory (SD Card)

Most of the mobile phone users install all sorts of apps in their phones. When installing the apps, they don’t pay much attention to where the app is going to be installed and what impact it can have on the performance of the phone. In most cases, by default, the apps get installed in the internal memory of the phone. This leaves lesser space for the running the apps and that in turn causes clogged memory. If your phone hangs, it is advisable to install apps in the external memory (i.e. SD Card) of the phone. Usually the external memory is larger than the internal memory. And external memory can also be easily expanded if required (instead of 2 GB card, just insert an 8 GB card!). Therefore, in external memory more apps can be easily installed without clogging the internal memory of the phone. This will save your phone from hanging.



7.Move Installed Apps from Internal to External Memory:

You can always move the already installed apps from internal to external memory. As explained above, this will give more internal memory space for the smooth running of the apps. As a result, your phone will not hang.

  1. Install Antivirus Software:

Viruses are a menace. If your mobile phone is playing host to a virus, the virus can considerably slow down your mobile phone. Needless to say, your phone will hang often. So, obviously you need an anti-virus. Although anti-virus software itself take up a lot of memory but it is better to have the virus removed.

And that’s eight first aid treatment we have for you to avoid hanging devices. With it, your device works perfectly.


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